Moving Away Series - Introduction

Let's get one thing clear right off the bat.

Moving sucks. 

To be more fair to moving, not only does it really suck, but it's also a total pain in the ass.


Since we reopened the doors of Crossfit Wiesbaden in 2016, we've had a fair share of members that had to leave our box citing their reason as a move from the immediate area.

Unsurprisingly, being located near a U.S. Military installation, many of our American athletes come with the unfortunate side effect of having tour limits, permanent change of station, and other Military related items that come with the job. 

These factors all quickly work to eliminate a member's ability to continue training at our box. 

More surprisingly, there were also several non-military members (looking at you German folks) that also moved away for a slew of other reasons.  It's apparent that this moving thing impacts more folks than is generally apparent. 

So, where does that bring us? Ah, right! Moving sucks, it's a total pain in the ass, and it impacts just about everyone.

Even the owner of a Crossfit box.


Regardless if your ties to Crossfit are as the owner, a hobbiest, fierce competitor, or anything in-between; when you move, it's a total process. 

However, Crossfitters often overlook one important aspect of a move. 

Finding a new box. 

That brings us to our new blog series about what happens when you leave your home box and look towards locating a new Crossfit to call home. 

This one is from my perspective, as I move from Wiesbaden, Germany to Syracuse, NY. 

At the conclusion of this series, there will be some badass WODs with cool people and a ceremonious hanging of a new t-shirt on the wall of our training space at CrossFit Wiesbaden. 

Tag along for the ride. This series will be full of cancelled flights, drop-ins, cardboard boxes, google reviews, trial memberships, and burpees. 

I'll see you on the next post!

Coach Alex