Why would CrossFit be a good fit for your child?

As a parent it can be a daunting task to select the right activities for your child. Sports, dance, martial arts? What about school? Kids have a lot going on these days and they also have their own opinions about how to spend their time. You might just simply want to get your kid moving. Or you might be thinking why squeeze in one more activity. So why would CrossFit be a good fit for your child?

Let’s start with the Physical benefits of CrossFit for kids and teens. We teach a wide variety of movements from weight lifting to calisthenics to gymnastics. These physical movements are creating connections in the brain. Every movement is an opportunity to encode the brain with a positive habit. The more they are exposed to when they are young the more successful habits they create and retain for the rest of their life. Learning these movements at an early age gives them the ability to take on new things into adulthood and displays efficient effective movement with their body. This helps to prevent physical injury and can prevent and reverse disease.

CrossFit kids and teens helps to develop children on an emotional level as well. In each class we work on sportsmanship, leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, listening skills, manners, and self-confidence. CrossFit gives your child measurable success that can boost self-esteem. This self-esteem is then brought into other areas of their life. Their studies, relationships with others and their self-determination can all improve. Watching your body develop muscles and trim down extra weight can improve body image which is extremely important in our pre-teens and teens.

As parents it is important that we instill the value of fitness at an early age. We have the responsibility of teaching them to have fun with fitness. If our kids can grow up knowing that exercise is fun and we can see results they will be more likely to make fitness a priority throughout their life. CrossFit for the younger kids gives them a sense of belonging in a grown up world. They get to work out in a gym with all sorts of cool equipment. They might even be excited to work out where mom or dad does. For teens it helps to develop their body and strength for them to excel in their chosen sport.

In a world where we no longer have to move to eat CrossFit creates lifelong habits to help fight off illness from lack of movement and a diet that is lacking. Educating our kids on quality food and quality movement can give them tools they will use for the rest of their lives and even pass on to the next generation. We want to provide an exciting fun environment that sets a foundation for muscular fitness, endless opportunities for success.